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  1. I LOVE this site!
    Hi any idea what vitamin deficiency may cause dry hair, hair loss, fissures on sides of tongue and geographic tongue? Vision problems, sometimes double, cant see as well if there are glares and dim light?
    Probably something that is depleted by extreme pain or stress.

    The other thing that is odd is my B12 and folate are high without supplimenting. Diets does not change it.

    Also is it ok to take iodine with hashimotos? My iodine is — low in blood.

    Robin 🙂

  2. Hi,
    actually my skin is getting hard i m loosing softness n glowness of skin as my skin is too sensitive i use only johnsence soap..
    if u pls suggest me some soap i will b very thankful for to make my skin more soften n glowng..
    which company vit-e capsule will b more benefitted n how much dosage need to take per day of how much Mg…??

    I m eagerly waitng for reply….thank u

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