Top 10 Foods Rich In Iron


Many nutrients are needed, in differing amounts, for the body to maintain its health and be able to carry out all of its functions correctly.  The best way to obtain all of these nutrients is through eating a healthy, balanced diet that contains a wide range of different products.  This ensures that you are not [...]

Potassium Rich Foods : List of Foods High In Potassium


Potassium is one of the many trace elements that the body requires in order for it to continue functioning correctly.  This element plays a vital role in maintaining the balance of fluids in the body, as it is one of the substances that is found dissolved in the blood.  These are often called ions or [...]

Best Vitamins For Women


In order to stay healthy, there are many things that the body needs.  Some, such as water, air and energy from food are needed in large amounts every day, while others can be taken in much smaller quantities.  These substances are vitamins and minerals, and are necessary for many of the body’s reactions to occur.  [...]

Folic acid and the diet

Fresh spinach iin a wooden bowl on a cutting board

There are many micronutrients that are important parts of the human diet, and folic acid is just one of them.  Commonly associated with pregnant women, many people assume that the rest of the population does not require it.  However, while women who are pregnant do need greater amounts, folic acid has several functions in the [...]

Iodine In Diet : Know Your Levels!


Dietary iodine is just one of the many trace elements that are required by the body in order for the metabolic reactions to occur correctly.  It produces distinctive symptoms when there is a deficiency of iodine in the body, and will lead to a lack of the thyroid hormone being produced. The body is unable [...]

B vitamin complex – why do we need so many?


As you will already be aware, the majority of the important vitamins are referred to by a letter, rather than their full chemical name.  This makes them easier to remember, but in cases such as vitamin B, it can also lead to considerable confusion.  Unlike others, it is actually a complex of several different chemicals, [...]

Uses Of Vitamin E Capsules For Hair and Skin

Vitamin E Capsules for hair and skin

You may have realized that nearly each beauty product contains Vitamin E as the primary component. Vitamin E will not only treat heart diseases, high levels of blood pressure and other health conditions, but it is also very beneficial for both hair and skin. There are many ways that you can use Vitamin E capsules [...]

Top 10 Vitamin E foods That Will Boost Your Health


Vitamin E, just like any other vitamin is extremely important to maintain a healthy and balanced body. Found in a series of foods (natural fruits and vegetables), it can help fighting against heart conditions and cancer, as well as eye damage caused by age. Moreover, vitamin E represents the key to a healthy-looking and glowing [...]

The Complete Guide To Vitamin D3 Deficiency

Vitamin D3 Deficiency

Many people still have some wrong information about the sources of the vitamin D and its role in the body. Most of them only know that this vitamin is important for the bones. Anyhow, today the world knows that there are two vitamin D forms and this makes it easy to prevent any forms of [...]